What is a Co-op?

Our food cooperative is a community of individuals and families, who share food and work together to create a community that focuses on healthy food and living.
The purpose of our cooperative is not to accumulate profit, but to provide members with affordable organic produce.
All members have the ability to contribute in his or her own way and is encouraged to do so, to help keep the cooperative sustainable. 

The best joys come from being creative and able to share the most delicious and healthiest foods with our friends and family!

A food cooperative is also a shared risk model. We buy from different organic farmers and suppliers in bulk at wholesale prices. We share those prices with our members, so that we all get an abundance of fresh, organic and local (when possible) produce at the best wholesale prices possible. The more members we have purchasing the lower the cost of food drops allowing us to add more items to our boxes each week. 

Sometimes however, weather, disease, or pests will affect a harvest which drive prices up and limits availability and quality of produce.  

Cooperative members agree to share the bountiful rewards along with the risk.