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Just wanted to let you guys know I got my first box and I am sooooooo impressed, so much stuff in there. Thank you so much!
Karen D.
Hooray! This weeks box added bonus: a LIVE BUG in the head of romaine lettuce assured me that the lettuce was truly organic.
Kate L.
I was very impressed with our first box, we have had great dinners all week. It’s such an inspiration using fresh products.
Jenny J.
Last week was my first delivery, and I really enjoyed the selection of vegetables. And they were all great quality too.
Katherine S.
Thank you for the great service and wonderful idea of delivering organic fruits and vegetables.
Shawn W.
I love receiving my shipments of fruits and veggies every two weeks. Everything is so beautifully fresh. So surprised and impressed with my bin! Thanks for great customer service and satisfaction.
Love my fruits and veggie basket.
Lucy N.
Loved it!! And I'm sharing by word of mouth.
Christine G.
I LOVE this service. Excited for my delivery next week!
Gina M
This is a great way to get in more fruits and veggies on a daily basis.
Dr. Jenna McNamee
I love your service.
Guy M.
We are so happy with the program.
Shelley F
I love supporting this co-op!!
Jolene K
Beautiful! Lovely! Gorgeous!
Stephania M
Love the service, love the company!
Meagan s.
The lettuce was fresh and hadn't started going bad. I'm impressed!
Jill Habot
The best service you can get around for organic foods.
Jackson Hughes
Luscious vegetable and fresh fruit. Got to love it. My favorite were the bananas!
Gillian Jacobs
I can't go back to grocery stores after ordering from
Frank Ponder
I was a little skeptical about getting food delivered to me in a box but i tried it because of the price. I loved the food i got and i urge you to try it!
Helen Sunderland
I just got my first delivery last week. I'm getting them bi weekly for now on!
Darrell Tate
If you are thinking about ordering from here. Do it!! Best deal for organic foods around.
Kayleigh Tremblay
Amazed by the food. Really didn't expect the quality.
Emily Johnson
Have to give this website 5 stars. Very happy with my food.
Rachel Harper
I use this website for the quality and price. The fact that its organic as well is just a bonus! Wow.
Tyler McMann
Since i started to order here, I have never bought my fruits and veggies from a grocery store.
Samantha Hope
With the price and quality you get from here, its a no-brainer. If you want good priced fruits and veggies that are ORGANIC as well. This is it.
Brianna Smith
My husband and I just decided to buy our fruits and veggies organically. This website is the best by far! We love it. Been ordering for months now.
Carey Marshall
Organic fruits and veggies is the only way to go for organic foods. Only place where I get my fruits and veggies from for now on.
Tasha Dillard
My favorite part of my last box was the mango's! Sooooo good! Awesome website. Highly recommended.
Matt Jacobs
Nothing bad to say about this service. They delivered on all their promises. I recommend this website!
Christina Walker
The oranges were so nice! The bananas were perfectly ripe!
Jeremy Mitchel
got recommended to this site from a co-worker. When he told me how much he gotten and the price he got it for. I laughed , i really did not believe him. I have never been so wrong. Great service!
Andrew Fitzpatrick
It's hard to find good affordable organic foods. This is by far the best one around. Such a good price for premium fruits & veggies.
Carly Weller
The #1 source of organic fruits and veggies in Durham!
Corlyn Petzold
When i opened the box i was astounded at the quality of fruits and veggies i was getting.
Jacob Nout
I didn't think a small box would last me 2 weeks. I almost feel like I should pay them more. Wow... great deal!
Maddison Edgar
I love the variety and new box selection every week. I'm always happy with my delivery. The kiwis are soooo good!
Cory Sanders
For such a small price I expected a small amount. Then i opened a box full of gorgeous fruits and veggies. Well worth the money!
Mike Sheppard
I cant believe that everyone else doesn't use this. Great service. Always on time and always fresh.
Sarah Joseph
I have been ordering from here for a while. I'm always satisfied. I love delivery day!
John Glassford
Much easier than going to the store. You can taste the difference too. The whole box looks so appetizing. It literally made my mouth water
Prisila McDonald
Thank you for the free substitution. I loved the variety and freshness. I'm definitely getting more!
Fred Conners
I recommended to all my friends. We love our organic fruits and veggies!! So glad i fount this website.
Janet Kelly
I was surprised how fresh and ripe they were!
Meghan Feathers
Definitely worth it. Better and cheaper than the stores!
Sally Davis
The small box was beautiful. I cant wait to see what the bigger boxes look like!
Greg Harmon
I tried looking for a better price everywhere else. Believe me when i say there aren't any!
Will DeAngelo
I'm going to recommend this site to my family. They all eat organic and would love it.
Preston Garber
They fit so much into a small box! It lasts me over 2 weeks almost! Talk about bang for your buck.
Dean Richards
I love how you guys let me substitute 1 item for free. Really good service. Thanks!
Dan Micheals
Been ordering for 3 months and haven't thought once about stopping. I'm always satisfied!
Terry Ross
My wife and I wanted to go organic but had no idea where the best place to go was. Lucky for us we found this website and our search is over!
Nick Rodriguez
Are you afraid of fruits and veggies comming via delivery in a box? Dont be. They are even more fresh than grocery stores and organic!
Holly Shields
The mango's are to die for! Cant wait to try more fruits!
Robert Keller
They are so delicious. I cant get enough of the cucumber!
Cassandra Rider
5 stars. 2 thumbs up and 10/10. Everyone should use this! Not only is it cheaper it supports local farmers.
Mike Polof
I couldn't believe how much i payed. This would have cost double from a grocery store!
Terrance Newman
Enough for me and my whole family. Wow thanks!
Sherry Welter
Tuesday is now like a holiday for me. I can't help but get excited for my delivery.
Kaitlyn Falur
Its all local! You have to support this business.
Taylor McMann
No more grocery store produce sections for me. I am ordering from her for now on.
Kelly Cartman
Not only are they delivered to you. They arrive fresh as well!
Pierre Noland
I have gotten 2 orders so far and I got nothing to to complain about. Keep it up! 10/10
Tim Price
Fruits and veggies that are organic and delivered to you by the click of a button. What's not to like?
Jacob James
I have more fruits and veggies than I know what to do with! So worth the cost!
Carly Strutter
I was very impressed with our first box we have had great dinners all week. Its such an inspiration using fresh products.
Jenny Jones
Wont find a better price. Its non for profit as an added bonus. Love it!
Greg Harper
Recommended Organic Fruits and Veggies to all my friends and co-workers and they are all ordering too! Look forward to the delivery every week! Very happy with the produce.
I recently subscribed to a small weekly box and I don't know what took me so long! Great selections that allow me to try new recipes, my time and money spent in the grocery store has been cut in half and my children love helping me unpack the box and discovering the "surprises" inside. I asked for a substitution this week and it was done free of charge. So happy I discovered this awesome service.
Andrea Van de Moesdyk
We are so pleased with not only the quality of the fruits and vegetables but the value we are getting. Customer service is over the top. Each week we always look forward to our fresh and plentiful bin which looks amazing and nutritious. Opening the box encourages us to try new recipes and eat healthy each week. Thank you for providing such an important service to our community!
I am so happy and impressed with Organic Fruits and Veggies. I have had 2 veggie only boxes now and the veggies are fresh and delicious. I am even trying some that I would never have eaten before. Thank you as well for sharing recipes, that helps a lot.
Sandy T.
It's been a great service so far. I've recommended already to some friends/family and shared on Facebook so others can check it out. Thanks for providing this service!
Jen D.
We are thankful for all you are doing to bring healthy food to Durham and support local farmers. May God give you strength and wisdom so that you may never grow weary of this important work.
I was surprised to see that a box arrived at my home yesterday. (I am so impressed with the quantity - I can't believe how many items there were for the price!)
Melissa B.
Mitch...I cannot get over the quantity of fruits and veggies we get in our small bin. It's incredible!! What you charge $35 for, would cost $70 anywhere else. I'm so happy you started this company!! Oh and I just had one of the mangos-DELISH!!
We loved the first box it's so worth the money
Thank you Tuesday is the new Friday I love my veggie box
Anna M.
We got a small fruits and veggies box, and it was packed full of kale, rainbow chard, spinach, romaine lettuce, pea shoots, potatoes, carrots, celery, oranges, bananas and pears. All organic. We will be ordering regularly. And delivery was free. This is much better than going to the grocery store and waiting in line.
Louise Rutter Holden
So surprised and impressed with my bin! Thanks for great customer service and satisfaction.
Got my first delivery and the produce is gorgeous! Thank you!
Renee Dupuis
I love your service 🙂
Loved the Organic Fruits and Veggies from this week!
Lucie Nadeau
Very happy with our first bin, we have never had a more fresh salad. The arugula fresh cut is superb. We will be ordering this on a weekly basis
Sophia Stefanovski
I have only had one order so far- my children love the fruit, and say it taste better
Cherron Gomes
Have to say - I am extremely happy with my Organic Fruits and Veggie deliveries. It certainly has made me try things I would have never thought of - also the last thing I remember to get are Fruits and Veggies - So to have them delivered is just another bonus.
Jayme Harper
So far so good. Everything looks so tasty! The carrots tasted like they were just picked, my husband was going crazy eating the raw broccoli and everyone is raving at how good the oranges are.
Julie Charron
I love the variety and love the surprise of opening up the box each week to see what fresh organic fruits and veggies are inside.
I love that I can get so many things that are not sold in the grocery store!
Amazing Organic Food! I love the variety and it gets me to try new foods and prepare new meals for the family!
Last night we had collards and radicchio in a bit of broth along with baked squash potatoes rutabaga and black radish, we never would’ve had a combination like that if it weren’t for your boxes.
We really like it and the quality of the food is very good
Darren Forbes
The price is great, the quality of the vegetables and fruit are great.
Anne D
The Apples in this week’s box were amazing!
Maria Benincasa-Gordon
Amazing Service! Great Idea! Eating Healthy food has become so much easier when you deliver it right to my door! Its a no brainer! Thank you so much for setting this up for our community!
Amanda Wake
Cathi Westrop
Glenn Winston Rozul Dilangalen
Kathy Nippard Theriault
Stephanie Webster
So far, so good! I love that FREE delivery is available, especially after working all day. We have been receiving the small box for approximately a month and have rarely been disappointed. Twice we had a moldy pomegranate, other than that, the food has been great ~ fresh, tasty, local (when available) and offers a different variety of items each week ~ MOST of which I actually cannot FIND in local grocery stores. Some items I have never heard of (like ‘purple or black potatoes’ or ‘peppermint chard’) so having them in our basket gives us the opportunity to try new things. Thanks for starting this up!
Karen Wilson
Great variety. Can’t get over the size of the bananas this week.
Leslie Loft
Cannot beat the price and freshness of the produce, and the friendly service. Thank you for your hard work, my family budget appreciates it!
Pauline GF Seber
The quality is outstanding as well as the variety!
Janet Marks
Carolanne Keats
Loved my first bin! Will be going back for more soon!
Natalie Nicole
I picked up my first box today & we love it! The kids are devouring the fruit as I type… Can’t wait for my next box!Convenient & the price is very inexpensive compared to my local grocery for organic. Thanks for a great service!
Ron Best
Looking forward to some great organic produce!
Hope Elizabeth Hudson-Way
So loving my basket this week…yummy blueberries…corn...& more!
Corette Miller
We are going onto our 4th bin now with Organic Fruits and Veggies and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t get over the quality of the produce we receive and also the amount in each bin. Great staff, awesome quality and really good prices.
Lee-Anne Rose Pen
Extremely friendly team of volunteers working hard to make this non-profit organic food co-op happen, and I am very grateful! Produce is fresh and far more delicious than what we were buying in store. 5 stars! Try it.
Zoe Sue Tsoraklidis
Fantastic Idea, I wish I had been subscribed from day one. I can’t believe the amount of fruit & veggies I got for the price. You’ve earned a lifetime member!
Brian Rutherford
Owner / 368 Durham