Quality Control 

We enforce quality control but sometimes however, some things slip by the eyes of our volunteers packing our boxes. There are also some items that may be received that are hard to tell until they are opened ( for example Mangoes, avocados, melons) that they are not okay.

It is rare that we get an entire shipment of produce that is not in good quality, but it can happen. If you do receive food that is not in good condition, or spoils within a few days, please let us know asap.

Our supplier gives us about 24 hours to report items, but have given us a refund within the week for items like avocados or mangoes that need to ripen a little before eating.

We need to be vigilant about this as we are paying for money for food we should not have received in the first place. I sometimes hear from members maybe weeks later that their produce went bad quickly or was not in good condition, so it is hard for us to determine if it is an isolated instance or if more members are experiencing the same thing.

If you have questions about the food you received, please notify me right away so we can advise the supplier.