How much food is in our boxes?

There are a number of things that affects the food in our boxes.

Price: The season in Ontario is closed for many items and limited for others so we rely on bringing food in from other provinces and the US. This drives the prices for the food we order up while reducing the number of items we get in our boxes. 

Quantity: We order in bulk to get the best price possible while staying within our food budget. We guarantee that our members receive 10-14 items for small and medium and 13-15 items for large and XL. When prices are low like in the summer Smalls were getting about 15 items, however even with the prices us smalls last week received 13 items.

Other things that drive up the prices of food while reducing the quantity that goes into the boxes:



Natural disasters

Extreme climate conditions

We assure you that the value in each box is the same each week.