Foods for Cold and Flu Season

My daughter and I have been battling it out with a cold and flu this week.

We don’t usually get sick especially my daughter as we eat fairly well, but we have had a crazy busy schedule the past few weeks, and it has caught us by surprise.

I found myself wondering what foods in our box are great to get healthy so we can say good bye to these unwanted bugs.

Produce high in vitamins increase the number of white cells in your blood, boosting immunity.

Here are some foods that you will find in your boxes that will help boost your immunity and keep away

• Bell peppers, grapefruits, spinach, Oranges: Vitamin C
• Tomatoes and spinach: Vitamin E:
• Kale and spinach, orange-colored vegetables like squash and carrots, Tomatoes: Carotenoids
• Sweet peppers, broccoli, garlic and spinach: Bioflavonoids

Other ways to fight off the cold and flu are:

  • Increase your probiotic intake If your intestinal flora is balanced, your immunity will strengthen.
  • Avoid processed sugar and products (including agave), which decreases immunity and causes spikes in blood glucose, and dairy, which creates mucous.
  • Increase fluids in your diet: Your body needs water to function. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins. There are a many ways to include water in your diet. Smoothies, fresh fruits and veggies and salad are just some examples.
  • Increase warming spices into your diet: These spices help to boost your metabolism and circulation, therefore your immune system too.

Cayenne pepper, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves and Paprika are all great to use in both teas and in culinary dishes. They all help bring up your body temperature which helps fight off colds and the flu.

Visit our website for recipes that include the produce and spices you need to keep health this winter.