What is a food co-op?

A co-operative is a community of individuals and families who come together to share in seasonal foods and work together to create a better balance of peace and harmony for all. It is for everyone, and it is helped run by everyone.

Each member has the ability to contribute in his or her own way. We buy the food in bulk and share with our members. The best joys come from being creative and being able to share the most delicious and healthiest foods with our friends and family! We are a co-operative community and we buy from many different organic farmers in bulk prices, and we split the shares so that we all get an abundance of raw, fresh, ripe, organic, and local produce at the best wholesale prices possible. We get a wider variety of fruits and vegetables because we are buying from more than one source.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to make organic fruits and veggies affordable for families in the GTA.

Why are we a not for profit?

We are passionate about improving the health of our community. We have a people over profit mentality and wish to do something meaningful for our community and the earth. We believe in sustainability and would like to create a health movement and leave behind a legacy for future generations.

We purchase in bulk at wholesale prices and share with our members. We also operate with student volunteers and local members who help us out with our organization, which helps keep our operational costs down.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no cost to join Organic Fruits and Veggies

Whats in our boxes?

Veggie Only

Fruit Only

Small Box

Medium Box

Large Box

Extra Large Box

Each week we work hard to try and add as much variety as we can. This of course depends on what is available through our suppliers. We work with local farmers and wholesalers to fill our boxes with the freshest organic food.

We guarantee that small to medium receive minimally 10-13 items and Large to Extra Large 13-15. Quantity depends on availability and cost of food. The lower the cost of food, the more we can put in our boxes and vise versa.

When is the weekly box list posted?

We post the weekly box list every Friday after 3 pm. It will be posted on our Website under This Weeks Box, on our Facebook Page and sent out in our Friday Newsletter.

Sign up for our weekly Organic Fruits and Veggies list to be emailed to you every Friday at the bottom of this page.

How do I make a Substitution request?

We now allow for 3 substitutions!

Deadline is Sunday at Midnight.

Items substituted are of equal value and based on availability

We are unable to guarantee what you will receive

Substitution requests must be done through our online form organicfruitsandveggies.com/substitutions

When is the deadline for Orders?

Order Deadline is Sunday at midnight. Orders placed after Sunday will receive their order the following week.

When is delivery day?

Tuesday is delivery day. All orders are packed and delivered between 2-8pm

Boxes need to be out Tuesday morning to be exchanged  Tuesday afternoon.

 How Do I Pay?

All orders are placed online. We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard.

Members can change and update their credit card information at anytime. Credit card updates can be made on our website. https://organicfruitsandveggies.com/my-account/payment-methods/

My payment did not go through. What do I do?

If your payment did not go through, to receive your next order please update your credit card information at:

Once you have updated your credit card information, please contact us so that your order can be reset.

Box Deposit and Fees

Box Deposit: $34 (refundable)
Box Replacement: $15 (non-refundable)

All members are charged a $34 refundable box deposit when they place their first order.

Members are required to leave their box out Tuesday morning for our drivers to pick up when your order is delivered.

Boxes not picked up must be returned to the Pickering facility by the following Monday.

When members do not return their boxes, the cooperative need to purchase replacement boxes for new ordering members. This is costly and unsustainable for the cooperative and all our members.

A non-refundable box fee of $15 will be charged if your delivery box is not returned by the following Monday.

A lot of work goes into getting everyone their organic fruits and veggies every week on time and hassle free so please help us out by doing your part to keep Organic Fruits and Veggies running smoothly and efficiently.

Box Returns

Members keep their boxes until their next order. Boxes need to be out Tuesday Morning to be exchanged in the afternoon.

If you forget to leave your box out or you wish to discontinue our service, please return your clean box to 1429 Major Oaks Rd, Pickering L1X 2T2

To receive your box deposit refund in a timely manner, your order information must be included with your box CLEARLY stating you have cancelled or no longer want to receive order.

Organic Fruits and Veggies volunteers are not always on site so we need this information in order to do the refund.

Boxes returned without this information will take us a lot longer to find and track your box for your refund.

Can I pause, cancel or change my subscription?

Members can make changes to their subscription anytime. There are NO Commitments!

Members are asked to make any changes to their subscription prior to their Order Renewal Day.

Your Order Renewal Day is when your order is processed and paid for. Any changes made to your subscription after your Order Renewal Day will take effect on your next order.

Your Order Renewal Day can be located by the Order Number on your receipt.

To Pause your subscription, just send us an email the week prior to your next order.

To Cancel your subscription, go to Members Area – My Account/Subscription

For more information contact us at info@organicfruitsandveggies.com.

Cleaning your box

We are a non-profit organization that operates with volunteers and members cooperation. All members are expected to clean their box before leaving it out for exchange on delivery. Members who return boxes that require cleaning will have a $5.00 cleaning fee will be applied to their credit card, as this costs the cooperative both time an money on resources that could be used to put towards food.

Thank you to everyone doing their part and allowing us to thrive.

What if I forget to leave out my box for exchange on delivery?

Members are responsible for returning their box to 1429 Major Oaks Rd in Pickering, if they forget to leave their box out. Member’s with more than one back at their residents after 30 days will be billed for a non refundable $35 for the second box.

How do you compare to competitors and grocery store prices?

We are a registered non-profit organization – we don’t compete.

We have a people over profit mentality, we purchase in bulk at wholesale prices and share with our members. We also operate with student volunteers and local members who help us out with our organization, which helps keep our operational costs down.

Both Grocery stores and other food delivery services are in business to make a profit and can have 30-50% profit margins on organic food.

Check for yourself! You simply get more food!

Organic Fruits and Veggies Price Comparison of Competitors

Refer A Friend

We love when our members share information about our cooperative with their friends and family.

You can now get rewarded. When a friend or family member of yours orders for the first time from Organic Fruits and Veggies, Members can receive $5.00 off your next purchase.

For more information please contact:


Where does the food come from?

We work directly with the local Ontario farmers and suppliers to bring your the freshest organic food! Food that we are unable to grow in our climate, such as bananas, are imported and always %100 certified organic.

What kind of fruits and vegetables are available?

We offer a full array of fresh 100% Certified Organic seasonal fruits and veggies. We emphasize as much local Ontario 100% Certified Organic fruits and veggies that are in season. In the colder months, we source Ontario organic greenhouses and import 100% Certified Organic.

Why am I missing a particular fruit or veggie in my box?

We are sorry if you are missing an item. There are two things that can cause this. Packing/shipping errors and availability from our suppliers.

There are many variables that are beyond a farmer’s control and they are sometimes unable to harvest the particular food due to pests, storms, soil conditions etc.

We do experience shipping errors occasionally.

Any missing items will be substituted with something of equal value.

What if a certain food item is bad?

We apologize for the bad food item that made it in your box. We enforce quality control but sometimes some things slip by the eyes of our volunteers sorting the organic boxes. Please send a photo and email within 24 hrs of receiving your bin in order to receive a replacement in your next order.

Would you like to advertise in our organic fruits and veggies box?

Please email us at info@organicfruitsandveggies.com us if you would like to have your business or company advertisements on our boxes or in our boxes.

Why should we eat organic?

There are SEVERAL reasons to eat organic. Organic produce has 3x the amount of nutrients contained in non-organic produce. This has to do with the mineral depleted soils that conventional food is grown in. The harsh chemical fertilizers used in growing conventional food have depleted the earth’s vital minerals. As a result, conventional food lacks the vitamins and minerals it should have. If you compare commercial and organic produce in your local grocery store, you will likely find that the commercial produce looks much better. Don’t be fooled. They have mastered the science of growing “beautiful” produce. One person must eat 21 conventionally-grown oranges to get the same amount of nutrients contained in 7 organic oranges. Not to mention, they ALWAYS taste better! After a while, you will be able to even taste the difference in non-organic bananas and ours. You will avoid eating countless chemicals sprayed on conventional food. We also want to support sustainable practices. Lettuce create abundance!

Can I refund my box?

Since we 100% volunteer base program that is ordering food that you have reserved we do not offer refunds.


How do I volunteer?

Contact us via email! We are always in need of help.

Can I receive community service hours?